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Heated Liner Q & A

Q. Whose liner has the higher collar area that covers the most neck? I understand they are both heated within the collar which I really like.

A. you can have the collar go over your chin and under the helmet. So it is tall. And yes it is heated.

Q. What is your opinion of the quality of the zipper or fastener on each for ease of use and thermal properties?

A. All zippers are the best YKK brand. the main zipper has a baffle between you and the zipper up to the neck. Zippered hand pockets and integrated plugs for connecting gloves and pants are also hidden in small zippered pockets when not in use. Eureka! No more dangly cords when sipping coffee at the cafe. WE are the first to do this. I have already seen others copy it.

Q. The Warm & Safe advertisement says it's liner is pretty thin. Which one do you think is warmer (thicker) when you are not using the electric heating?

A. The Warm & Safe Heated Liner Are designed to be temperature neutral. As you ride through warm and cold zones you won\'t have to stop by the side of the road to dress and undress. When not turned on, our liner is not going to get as warm as others and it is designed that way.

Q. The W&S advertises elastic bands that hold the liner tight to your skin. Does any one else do this?

A. Lycra stretch panels allow a form fitting close fit to the body without sacrificing comfort, and allow optimum heat transfer to the body. WE started this over 10 years ago and any one using it has copied it from us. This includes Klan that was Giali who I showed the design to in Italy when they claimed they wanted to do business with us.

Q. Also are either of them more waterproof (resistant) than the other?

A. The Warm & Safe Heated Liner is designed to breathe. It is not waterproof or resistant by design but getting it wet just makes the heat transfer even better.

Q. Is the glove circuit independent of the jacket, ie. having a separate input for the controller, or is it like others where it is feeding off the jacket current. I would like to use the dual control heat-troller to control the glove heat separately from the jacket, and would like to eliminate the need to fish my Y-cable through my jacket sleeves to accomplish this.

A. Because of an ingenious design, we have made each The Warm & Safe Heated Liner capable of running with either a single or dual heat-troller. This means you can run the gloves off the liner or with the same wires built into the liner you can run the gloves independent. You can see the information in the instruction sheet. Heated Liner Instructions PDF

Q. I have a Warm & Safe liner and a pair of Widder gloves how do I get them to work together?

A. You don't bother. You use our trade up code to get a pair of our gloves at a lower price and just replace them by trading them in.