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12V Värmetröja Dam

12V Värmetröja Dam

Men's Heated-Neck Long Sleeve Heat Layer This version of the Heat Layer has 7 areas of heat. Two panels in the chest, two in the upper arms, a heated collar, one panel on the back and one on the lower back. It also has connections at the end of the sleeves for gloves or glove liners.

Our Men's 12V Heat Layer Shirt numbers:
3.5 Amps
4.0 Ohms 
48 Watts at 13.8V 

Heat where you need it. Our panels are configured right where you want the heat to be for optimal heat transfer. Through rigorous testing, we have developed two different panel placement patterns based on the two different male and female designs. It shouldn't be surprising that due to differences in shape and bodies, the optimal panel placements are different for men and women.

More control over the heat. How much warmth you need is dependent on multiple factors such as outside temperature and what layers you are wearing below or on top of the garment. Coupled with the Remote Heat-trollers, you have a true off and a true full on with 0~100% heat control via a dial.

Only the best goes in to the Heat Layer. High tech, wicking, stretch fabric construction with different cuts from men and women ・3M's Thinsulate (70-80 g/m2) ・YKK zippers ・Alloy/Silicon "softheat" heating element ・Connectors and wires rated to -40℃/-40℉ (for durability and longevity)

High Tech, moisture wicking stretch fabric There is simply no better fabric out there for this type of garment. Like a fitted shirt, the stretch fabric keeps the garment, and most importantly the heat panel, flat against your body for the optimal heat transfer. This high level of heat transfer performance means less power/heat is needed to achieve that ideal warmth. Besides the fit, the fabric is designed for both comfort and to wick away any sweat or moisture. Users often note that besides feeling the heat, the garment fits so well you don't notice it's there.


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