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Heated Sock liners with 7.4V 5,2A kit

Heated Sock liners with 7.4V 5,2A kit

Heated glove liners kit with heat all the way to the tip of the fingers on the sides and top of the fingers, as well as heat on top of the hand.The glove liners are made in stretch material, with carbon heat fibers woven into the material.

The kit is complete and ready to be used, designed with quality, functionality and long term use in mind.

The glove liners are constructed to not affect the properties of the outer glove. When you adjust the temperature in the glove liners, they react immediately.

The kit comes with a 5-level 1-zone push button Heat-Troller, a re-chargeable 7.4V 5.2A Li-Ion battery, a 220V EU wall charger and a split cable.

The glove liners can also be used with 12V if connected via the Heat-Troller.

Please measure your hands according to the sizing guide below:

sizing guide

and select correct size before placing the order.

The glove liners should be used inside well insulated outer gloves for best performance.

Battery specifications:

Voltage: 7,4V

Capacity: 5400 mAh

Weight: 243 gr

Size WxHxL: 73 mm x 93 mm x 23 mm


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